Saturday, November 14, 2009

CSO hacks for sell.

Any hack that other ppl got I ALSO GOT.

Freekill hack = RM10
Aimbot + Aimpoint combo = RM10
Gun 1day to FOrever hack = RM30 < Very rare.
Wall hack = RM20 < I think not many ppl got.
Speed hack ( fast shoot fast revive) = RM5
Account crack hack = RM40 ( must have the ppl id then it will crack pw. RARE!)
CSP hack = RM20 ( The real version. But only double your CSP.)
Bug = RM5 ( usage of ban weapon)
RARE Bug = RM10 ( pay one time money for two items.. like u buy 1 channel speak become 2)
Delay hack = RM10 ( COMPLETELY NO LAG)
Double Honor hack = RM20 ( then u no need buy honor 60%.. cause ur honor 200%!!!)
Double GP hack = RM20 ( same with honor..)

I accept payments either MOL or CIB Mall card. Send serial number and PIN to my msn..

MY msn is -


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  2. hack csp RM20 but only double...
    so rugi la!!

  3. hei amount of all hacker is RM200 i want to buy all when i got money k????

  4. can u prove to username is :muhammad

  5. i want aimbot and free kill

  6. with csp hack..
    i want it...

  7. money how gv?handphone number money?

  8. haiz play hack some more want get money haiz
    i know all ad lar... NOOB ka

  9. i want to hack csp:9999999

    do you know how?????

  10. spe leh ajar aku wt bug aku bgi dia RM50 rinngit

  11. the real hack cso website is at here

  12. wooo!!i found the real hack!!!

  13. i know how to hack all of that i hack csp 9999999 hwo want juz RM20
    mol pls no reload card

  14. Walao,I Have The Real Hack!!!!!!
    But Is Not HACK At Here,This Website Is Fake/022
    I hAVE tHE rEAL Website!!!
    I Try It Is Real,CSP Hack Only RM20!!!!

  15. This is really really fake!!! u wan it u lost ur money!