Saturday, November 14, 2009

CSO hacks for sell.

Any hack that other ppl got I ALSO GOT.

Freekill hack = RM10
Aimbot + Aimpoint combo = RM10
Gun 1day to FOrever hack = RM30 < Very rare.
Wall hack = RM20 < I think not many ppl got.
Speed hack ( fast shoot fast revive) = RM5
Account crack hack = RM40 ( must have the ppl id then it will crack pw. RARE!)
CSP hack = RM20 ( The real version. But only double your CSP.)
Bug = RM5 ( usage of ban weapon)
RARE Bug = RM10 ( pay one time money for two items.. like u buy 1 channel speak become 2)
Delay hack = RM10 ( COMPLETELY NO LAG)
Double Honor hack = RM20 ( then u no need buy honor 60%.. cause ur honor 200%!!!)
Double GP hack = RM20 ( same with honor..)

I accept payments either MOL or CIB Mall card. Send serial number and PIN to my msn..

MY msn is -